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 Guide for Normal

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PostSubject: Guide for Normal   Guide for Normal Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 3:27 pm

CyberWars Guide

Hey and welcome to Magica's Guide to CyberWars.

Ok first thing you want to do is buy the Eve Gate Map, so you can easily head back and forth to Eve Gate.
To buy the map go here...

Guide for Normal Pic1

Once you've bought that, head to the shop ABOVE Buy Maps, then buy the noob armour (Its free.)

Now your officially ready. Head out by pressing North and other directional buttons(1). Keep going until you find an enemy(2). Every 5 spaces you take, enemies get harder, so be aware of this.(3)

Guide for Normal Pic2

Basically from now on, you just need to repeat the process in different places. Always remember to buy maps, and heres a tip;
If you need health back, always go to the Inn at Eve gate. Its free! Also, always use the bank to insure you dont lose cash!

So dont be scratch be cheers

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Guide for Normal
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