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 Use your sense please?

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Use your sense please? Empty
PostSubject: Use your sense please?   Use your sense please? Icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2008 3:54 pm

Ok I'm getting pretty annoyed at the fact people are posting in the wrong forums/categories. People are posting about Ideas in the "What you enjoy" section and not reading things properly, e.g;

GD_FierceDeity wrote:
Just post here for all those nasty bugs crawling around or if you happen to come across a Glitch on the ground thats not suppose to be there post it here Very Happy
[Found in Bugs And Glitches Section]

Whats the point in that? No offense intended, but its kinda stupid. Theres a General Talk catergory for randomness. If your trying to rank in posting, do it there, not on our on topic forums. I mean, I made that forum for the exact reason you made the thread. Its pointless.

Example of another one

adammod wrote:
post ur advice here!

heres some

avoid black hole spheres!

You are fighting a Black Hole Sphere

Monster's HP: 1602

The monster attacks before you are ready!

The monster attacks you for 127 damage.

you have died.

DONT DO THIS. I made the catergory for a reason, not for you to post a thread on the exact same thing. I guess this should be in the Rants Section, but I guess I'll get a better result here.

Use your sense please? AnimeSig-1
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Use your sense please?
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